Bobby Epps

Bobby Epps

Director of Ministries and Operations | Youth Pastor

Bobby Epps has faithfully served the congregation of College Hill Presbyterian Church since his arrival in 2016.  Bobby is the Youth Leader, presiding over both the middle and high school youth groups.  Bobby’s passion for the Lord and spreading the Gospel is evident in his unwavering faith and love towards the youth of the College Hill Presbyterian Church and their families.  Bobby and his wife Kaylee have selflessly served our church and the surrounding communities for several years with the hope of numerous more years of service, and they just welcomed their first child, Wilson, in June.  In addition to his role as Youth Director, Bobby has recently accepted an additional position as our Director of Ministries and Operations. His deep love for this church is evident in his thoughtful organization of ministries, event planning, and shepherding of her people.  Bobby’s service to this church has no limits, and we are incredibly grateful to have him as a leader here.  Bobby enjoys all types of card games, several sports including baseball and football, and all types of outdoor activities.

To contact Bobby, just email!

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