“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation." - Mark 16:15


The Bolings

La Paz, Mexico
The Bolings have a vision to see a healthy network of biblical churches planted throughout the Baja California Peninsula and beyond over the next 20 years. They are currently serving in La Paz, Mexico, where they’ve partnered with national church planter Jose Luis Villasana and his family to plant the first Presbyterian Church in La Paz—Comunidad de Gracia (Grace Community). You can support the Bolings by clicking the picture above.

Ricky Kroeger

Ricky is preparing for his first assignment as a linguist/ translator working for the Bibleless people groups of Mexico. He is looking forward to seeing the power of God’s Word that “will not return empty” (Isaiah 55:11) reach those who currently do not have access to a clearly understandable translation. Ricky is continuing a family legacy of involvement in Wycliffe and the missions field. He needs a team of faithful prayer and financial partners to join him in this great work. If you’d like to partner with Ricky as he follows God’s call to the Bibleless peoples of Mexico, please see the options below to send a note, receive updates, or join in prayer and financial partnership. You can support Ricky by clicking on the link below.

Clarke and Khrystya Norton

Clarke was raised in the church from an early age, and this gave him the opportunity to go on several mission trips before graduating high school. These various trips led to an interest that has continued to grow, and he is continuing to explore. In his last year of studying history at the University of Mississippi, he began searching for a cross-cultural ministry internship and found Leopolis Green, a cross-cultural mentored internship with MTW in Ukraine. He graduated from the University of Mississippi in May 2009 and two weeks later, he arrived in L’viv to begin an 18-month internship with the church-planting team. As an intern, Clarke developed relationships with university students through informal meetings, a men’s discussion group, a large group bible study, film night, hiking, biking and ski trips. Clarke returned in 2011 with the MTW Edge program. Khrystya is a native Ukrainian from L’viv. She initially met several members of the MTW team at a summer English camp.  After a few years of being around the team, the church and growing in her faith, she joined the church in 2013. In 2015 Clarke and Khrystya were married in L’viv. Khrystya loves being involved in ministry and some of her favorite ministries are the young adult ministry (Leopolis Molodiy) and various children’s ministries of the church.

The Mitchells

In 1992 the Mitchells joined the MTW church-planting team in Marseille where they served a church revitalization effort in the center city and a church plant in the south. In 2014 the Mitchells led the MTW team to a new location in Toulouse (southwest France). In a collaborative effort with an existing church in the center city, the MTW team is seeking to plant a new church in the western suburbs. In 2017 the exploratory mission of MTW in West Toulouse was approved as an evangelistic outpost of the UNEPREF denomination. You can support the Mitchells by clicking the picture above.

Kaylee Epps

Originally from the suburbs of Atlanta, Kaylee Epps graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2015 and has made Oxford her home ever since! She is on Campus Staff with RUF at the University of Mississippi. Kaylee and her husband Bobby attend College Hill Presbyterian Church where Bobby serves as the Youth Director.

Alan and Anne Cochet

The Cochets were blessed to serve Christ at College Hill Presbyterian Church in Oxford, Mississippi, from 1983 until 2013. During that time they volunteered on several short-term mission trips and also served as an MTW Pastoral Associate Couple for France and Columbia. They now serve MTW full-time as MTW’s France Pastoral Associates to provide encouragement and support for missionaries and pastors serving in France and Italy, and deepen awareness throughout the PCA of the ministry needs and opportunities in Europe. It is thrilling to see how the Lord is working in France as missionaries, French national partners, and seminary professors engaged in church planting, theological education, campus ministry, and compassion ministry share the redeeming love of Christ. Our work is to encourage and support our missionaries and ministry partners as they serve Christ on the field and to help raise awareness in the States of the ministry needs and opportunities in Europe. Hopefully, our prayers and efforts will enable our missionaries to flourish on the field, will assist efforts in recruiting new missionaries for the work, and will increase participation and support for missions among churches and ministry partners.